A new potential client just went to your website and downloaded your free guide, “5 Things to Look for When You’re Choosing a Nursing Home.”

Now you have their email address. What do you do?

Ask them out on a date!

(just kidding)

Don’t really do that. You might get in trouble with the Bar.

But there IS a right and wrong way to email new potential clients. Watch Andrea’s 1 minute video above to learn more.

Full video transcript

Someone’s just given you their email address. What should you do? You should ask them out on a date! 

No, I’m kidding. Don’t really do that. That would probably be considered unethical. But let’s think about this. 

Someone has gone to your website. You’re offering a free guide: “5 things to look for when you’re choosing a nursing home.” Potential client enters their contact information to download your free guide. They have given you their contact information. They are expecting to hear from you.

It’s like someone giving you their phone number, and then you never ask them out on the date! The whole point of exchanging contact information is to stay in contact. 

So don’t be afraid that you’re bombarding people with emails, or that it’s too much. The great thing is there’s always an unsubscribe option for people who don’t want to hear from you. And guess what? Most people aren’t going to click that option. They’re going to be happy to hear from you as long as you provide them with good, educational content that adds value to their life.

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This is an example of our monthly YouTube content.

Every month we will provide you the top 4 trending YouTube topics (keywords) related to Elder Law & Estate Planning. These are things that your potential clients are already searching for!

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These are examples of the e-newsletters that we create for our clients.

With our email management service, we create and send a weekly e-newsletter to your contact list. We brand it with your colors and logo, and it looks like it comes straight from your firm.

This is an example of the emails in our nurture sequence. 

With our email management service, we create you both sales and nurture email campaigns that follow up with all new potential clients for 2 months.

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