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How to Not Wreck Your Online Reputation in an Instant

We hear it everywhere: character is more important than your reputation. Why? Because your character is who you actually are, while your reputation is simply what other people think of you. However, in the world of business, especially law, it is your reputation that...

6 Marketing Planning Software for Law Firms in 2019

You know that it is important to market your law firm, but you likely don’t have as much time to dedicate to planning your marketing strategy as you would like. That’s where having good marketing planning software can come in to play. The software listed below all...

6 Ways to Rise Above Your Competition in Social Media

When it comes to marketing your elder law firm, the goal is simple: you want your firm to be the first one that any potential client thinks of first when they need an attorney. However, the competition is thick. According to the American Bar Association, there are...

Is Your Phone Etiquette a Deal Breaker or a Game Changer?

When someone contacts your law firm, it is extremely important how the phone call goes. That one call can make or break whether or not that person will sign as a client. Are you sending them the right message? Some things are out of your control, for example, your...

Do You Know When to Post on Social Media?

You’ve read all the tips and know exactly what types of content you want to post on social media. You’re ready to be a success and get your followers to engage with you. It sounds easy enough, right? However, even after you post your amazing content, you don’t seem to...

Your Marketing Budget: 3 Ways to Make the Most of It

You know you need to market your elder law business. However, you likely have a budget too. This means that you should never just go throwing around money into a marketing strategy that you aren’t even sure will work. You need to put your money where it will get the...

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