Jim Blake

Jim Blake

Jim discovered his love for business at age 9 when he and his friend (also named Jim) repaired a flapper chain on their toilet.

Realizing they were on to something, the boys quickly printed and distributed flyers for J&J Plumbing. Unfortunately, Jim’s dad shut down the “plumbing business,” but Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit lived on.

Jim graduated from Illinois State University and spent over 10 years in sales with Bridgestone Tires.

He met many Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys while attending the legal conferences his wife was planning. Knowing he could help these attorneys grow their practices, he created Bambiz in 2016.

Jim believes in a healthy work-life balance, and it gives him great satisfaction to help attorneys across the country do the same.

Jim has completed 28 marathons on three continents. He enjoys traveling, local coffee shops, business books, and spending time with his wife and young daughter.

Jim Blake & Family
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