Izzy Conte-Albanese

Marketing Coordinator

Within the first minute of meeting Izzy, you realize that people are her jam. Young or old, nice or mean, she loves them all. Seriously.

Izzy discovered at a young age that building relationships with others is essential. It started when she was 15 and took a job at her neighborhood water park. Izzy quickly moved up the ranks and became one of the most beloved and valued employees.

Using her people skills has been a key to her success in both her professional and personal life.

Izzy is currently studying marketing at Florida State University. She also oversees sales and marketing for three local bars in her college town.

At Bambiz, Izzy puts her people skills to use by engaging with current and prospective clients. She is a video-making guru. If you haven’t already, you’ll likely see her pop up on a screen near you soon.

In her free time, Izzy enjoys traveling, going to the beach, or hanging out with friends and family. She also spends a lot of time with her English bulldog, Duva.

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