6 Ways to Rise Above Your Competition in Social Media

When it comes to marketing your elder law firm, the goal is simple: you want your firm to be the first one that any potential client thinks of first when they need an attorney.

However, the competition is thick.

According to the American Bar Association, there are some 1,335,963 lawyers in the U.S. and that number grows every year. That’s why it is vital to ensure that your social media accounts and website are doing their job to increase your consultations.

To stay ahead of the competition, there are 6 ways to maximize your social media marketing:

1. Use Social Media Platforms That Your Clients Use

People of all backgrounds will eventually require some type of legal expertise. Consider using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to help build brand awareness. There are other platforms as well, but these are the most popular right now.

Use your email newsletter, Facebook ads, email blasts, post on your website, or have your staff call with personal invitations to any upcoming events you are hosting.

2. Create Professional Profiles For Your Law Firm

Yes, you can use your personal profile to advertise your law firm, but is it really professional? Having a professional profile means it must represent your practice and the services you provide.

At minimum, your profile should include your contact information including address, email, and phone number; a link to your firm’s website, your office hours of operation, what type of law your practice and how many years of experience you have, and any recognition or awards you have received.

3. Share a Variety of Content On Your Social Media Profiles

Put the 80/20 rule into practice. Make most of your marketing effort (around 80% is a good goal) towards posting relevant and useful information that will benefit your potential clients. You don’t have to write your own content but share news and articles that are related to elder law.

This means that only 20% should be about what your firm has to offer clients and what specific services you offer.

4. Invite People to Support Your Profiles

You’ve heard the saying that there is strength in numbers, and that is true when it comes to social media. When a potential client sees that your profile has a lot of engagement and likes, it looks positive and suggests that you have a lot of satisfied clients.

Boost your numbers by inviting family and friends to support your profile on social media, then invite your past clients that were happy with your services.

Connect your social media profiles to your main website and the individual profiles for other attorneys that you practice with.

5. Engage With People

The purpose of social media is to increase brand awareness of your firm, but it’s not going to happen by just marketing your firm. You need to engage with your audience. When you receive a like, share, follow, or comment, be sure to respond. Give them a like or follow them in return.

The more you engage with your potential clients, the more comfortable they will get with you and the more interest they will have in your firm.

6. Monitor Your Firm’s Reputation

Keep an eye on your profiles to see what people are saying. Practice social listening to find out conversations about your firm and its attorneys. Is your feedback positive or negative? In addition to keeping an eye on your firm, you can also watch your competitors. If you see questions that have gone unanswered, this may be your chance to step in an offer your own expertise.

In Conclusion

Using social media to increase consultations comes down to this:

Your potential clients need to think of you first when they find themselves needing legal services.

Ensure that you’ve used social media to get your name out and make sure it is your firm that comes to mind.

At Bambiz, we work with elder law and estate planning firms and have extensive experience in developing social media marketing strategies unique to your firm, location, and potential client base.

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