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3 Tips for Better Phone Calls and More Clients

by Apr 4, 2019Growing Law Practice

In today’s tech-savvy world, it is easy to spend an entire day without actually ever talking on the phone. Instead, you may spend more time replying to emails and text messages.

However, when a person is searching for an attorney, they need to know that they will get the help and support they need. Many times, this reassurance will come from actually talking to a real person on the phone.

According to a recent survey, 74% of people responded that they prefer contacting an attorney by phone. 

Even millennials, who are notorious for their lack of traditional phone usage, had this response. This means that it is imperative that you know how to act when you receive a phone call.

The next time you find yourself answering a phone call instead of an email, apply these 3 tips to be professional, effective, and efficient:

1. Be Responsive

This may seem obvious, but the first thing you must do is actually answer the phone. Many attorneys may find it acceptable to let a call go to voicemail and return the call later, but this isn’t a good practice.

When a potential client finally decides to make the phone call, the issue they are facing is very important to them. They want to talk to someone quickly, not later in the day or tomorrow. If you won’t answer the phone, they may move on to your competitor.

2. Be Receptive

If someone has called you, you need to make it a point to sound attentive to their needs.

Try to answer your calls by the third ring, then consider smiling while talking. Callers will be able to pick up on that warmth and friendliness.

Provide the caller with a simple introduction and be consistent when answering the phone. All the people in your office should stick to roughly the same script.

3. Be Reliable

No one will ever expect you to remember every single detail, but your clients will expect you to remember the basics of their case. Your clients won’t want to go over all the details over and over, so be sure to take notes and store it where it is safe and accessible.

By using the proper phone etiquette, not only will it make your existing clients more comfortable with you, but it can help turn a potential client into one that you work with for years to come.

In Conclusion

Our goal is to help you grow your practice all year long!

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Jim Blake

Jim Blake

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